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Holidays in Crete in the spring

The beginning of May is the beginning of the Crete beach season. We were lucky with the weather: we swam, sunbathed and enjoyed warm days and flowering plants. The water temperature is not to say that it is very warm, but refreshing, suitable for swimming. The air warmed up to +25 degrees. We did not find rains and gloomy days.

From the entertainment on the island offer various excursion programs, car rental, bike rental, catamarans, sea cruises.

The most popular excursions on the island:

Merger of the three seas – Balos Bay;
Kournas Lake;
Knossos palace;
Spinalonga Island;
Santorini Island;
Samaria Gorge;
Water parks.
We did not buy excursions from hotel guides and in agencies on the street, we entertained ourselves. We took a taxi to Lake Kournas. This trip took us all day, despite the fact that we spent no more than 15 minutes on the way. Kournas Lake is one of the local attractions of Crete with its legend and history. Huge goldfish and turtles live in the lake. We even managed to photograph one of the turtles. We sailed on a catamaran, and she actively posed for us. There are cozy restaurants on the shore with European and marine cuisine. Our lunch in such a restaurant cost us 11 €. The order included:

A large portion of large shrimp;
A large portion of french fries with sauce;
2 glasses of red wine;
Ice cream for children.
As for food in the resort areas, there are a lot of restaurants and cafes on the promenade. Finding where to eat or eat a full meal is not difficult. Prices are slightly more expensive than in Russia, but do not forget that this is Europe.

One day on the beach, we bought a ticket for a three-hour boat trip. During our little cruise, we enjoyed the sea, caves in the rocks, fishing, sunbathing and swimming in the open sea. They also promised us that we would see dolphins, but they didn’t come to us (

The beaches in Georgioupolis are beautiful, sandy, surrounded by high mountains. Sunset at sea is convenient – it’s nice to step on a soft sand.

A huge attraction of the beach in the village is the church of St. Nicholas. It is located right at sea. You can get to it by a stone embankment. A lot of newlyweds are photographed in this place. Photos on the background of this church are gorgeous.

We had a great vacation. Spring Crete gave us a lot of pleasant memories and emotions.

Of the benefits of a holiday in Greece in May, I can note the following:

reasonable prices for vacations at the beginning of the beach season;
short and comfortable flight;
Fast and tireless journey from the airport to the hotel;
Delicious cuisine;
Beautiful area.
I did not make out cons. Is that extra costs with a visa, but the resort has nothing to do with it.

I would love to visit this place again! I want to see more attractions, take more photos and, in general, I want to have a good rest again))

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