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Rest on Lake Baikal, as for me, should be prescribed to all Russians. A magnificent place in Russia. You can get to it by any means: by car, by train, by plane to Irkutsk, or even by hitchhiking, as I did. And now, based on my experience, I want to share 10 activities that need to be done on Lake Baikal in order to fully experience it, as well as to get the most diverse impressions of a trip to a huge lake with fresh water.
The ideal stay on Lake Baikal is at least seven days. Recommendation from personal experience. So let’s go!

Ideally, of course, you can catch it yourself, but it’s just that you buy it fresh at the market and cook it yourself on the shore of Lake Baikal:

Rest on Lake Baikal without such a meal is not considered valid. The guys and I prepared it in two ways: boiled the ear in a pot and salted it by hiding it in the ground. Both that and that dish turned out very tasty.

After a delicious meal, you need to enjoy a delicious drink, which is also best done independently. Just take a walk along the shore and pick various leaves of trees and tasty-smelling grass and brew it right on the fire, scooping up water from Lake Baikal:

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Full buzz.

When you have hot tea ready and you are full – it’s time to swim in the lake. Know, it is always cold. Even in the warmest weather it will be difficult for you to be in the water for a long time. But it’s worth it. Water is pure. Just look at how crystal clear the water is in Baikal:

So after bathing, be sure to drink hot tea and, if weather permits, sunbathe. When you return from the trip you will tell everyone that you have a Baikal tan)

Living in a recreation center is certainly good, but in order to feel Lake Baikal, you need to spend the night at least in a tent. And it is better the whole period of rest on Lake Baikal. For this, I chose one of the capes near Kultuk. The place is not crowded, so I was able to enjoy nature and sleep well.

Holidays on Baikal in 2019
Oh, this is another incredible event in these parts. Since there is no huge amount of light from nearby megacities (they simply are not), the starry sky here is very bright and incredibly beautiful. Therefore, the farther you go from civilization, the more beautiful the sky will be.

To further understand the size of Lake Baikal – I recommend that you take a ride around the lake on a special train “Circum-Baikal Express.” Or at least just buy a ticket to Ulan-Ude from Irkutsk and back, as I did:

Circum-Baikal Express
Baikal is endlessly huge!

The joy of contemplating Lake Baikal can be multiplied if you get acquainted with the company in the neighborhood. After all, Baikal gathers people from all over Russia in one place. In the photo below, three people who came here from different points of our country: from Tyumen, Ufa and St. Petersburg:

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We had a great time hanging out together for several days and went about our business to different parts of Russia. Such stories are not forgotten.

Did we live in a tent? Lived. Now, let’s wash our things right in the lake and leave them to dry on stones under the scorching sun. This is an interesting experience where you can feel like an aboriginal in the wild:

You will not feel such unity with nature again soon.

The nature here is changeable – on one side of the steppe, on the second endless forests, and on the third mountain of Altai. Therefore, the weather can change quickly. To fall in the rain on Lake Baikal is, firstly, beautiful:

And secondly, swimming in the lake in the rain is an incomparable pleasure. Especially if you dive headlong into the water and hear raindrops drumming on the surface of the lake

To be honest, I would even bring winter Baikal as another wonder of the world. Because it is unrealistically beautiful, and even on the ice of Lake Baikal you can skate or ski along it. The easiest route starts from Listvyanka. Therefore, if you do not know what to do this winter, plan a trip to Lake Baikal. Such a vacation on Lake Baikal will be remembered for your whole life.

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