Southern GOA: pros and cons
The southern part of Goa is located below the Zuari River. Here, the population density is much lower than in North Goa. It is in the south that endless beaches,…

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The long-awaited vacation in Goa
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Resorts Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic provides everyone with a great opportunity to relax from that lingering snowy and from that short, which is "with grass and flowers" winter, so characteristic of the…

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Features of rest in the Dominican Republic

Do you remember the Bounty ad? Sandy beach with white hot sand, perfectly clear water, palm trees. All this is an accurate reflection of the landscapes of the Dominican Republic. Immediately you need to make a reservation that mainly beach vacations prevail here. In addition, there are no special entertainments as such. Of course, various disco bars work, many prefer to devote a whole day of vacation to shopping here, but the rest – lovers should soak up the beach here. You can diversify your vacation with the help of jeep safari and canyoning (rafting on waterfalls on catamarans), you will surely enjoy a sea trip to coral reefs. Another popular attraction here is cockfights.

So, if such a vacation suits you, we will highlight a few more points that the tourist does not hurt to know.

The Dominican Republic occupies about 2/3 of the island of Haiti, which is located in the Caribbean. There are mountains on the island of Haiti, with the highest point located precisely on the territory of the Dominican Republic.

When is the best time to go to the Dominican Republic?
The Dominican Republic is best visited in the winter, namely from December to April. In May, the rainy season begins, although the air temperature reaches 25 degrees. It lasts until September, and in July – August tropical typhoons fall on the island. There is a high level of humidity, approximately 65-80%. Due to this, the plant world of this corner of the globe is rich and diverse.

Upon arrival at the airport
You need to apply for a Dominican Republic visa in advance only if you plan to stay here for more than two months. And so, upon arrival at the airport, you draw up a tourist card, the cost of which is $ 10. Another $ 20 will need to be paid upon departure from the country. If you are flying on your own with a child, without a second parent, you will need to present documents confirming kinship and permission to export the child.

Currency, language, customs
The official language here is Spanish, but in the tourist regions they speak English, French, German. The national currency is the Dominican peso. Moreover, in the country’s turnover it is only she who will not succeed in paying with dollars or euros. Exchange is best done in banks. It is possible at the hotel, but make sure that the course is not underestimated. In most cases, plastic cards are accepted. A peculiar currency here is chewing gum. It is quite normal not only to get it for change, but also to pay with chewing gum instead of trifles.

The inhabitants of the Dominican Republic are leisurely people and are used to living a measured life. To be late and put things off for later here is a common occurrence. Every inhabitant’s favorite word is “mannana,” which means “tomorrow.” Planning a serious event here is quite problematic, because it creates the feeling that being late is the meaning of Dominican life.

The Dominican Republic is a country where you must bargain, even if you see fixed price tags in the store. You will be able to bring down the purchase price in half. Especially if you immediately offer a price three times less and say that you are not a tourist (“yo no soy turisto”).

Do not ignore the national cuisine – try the national drinks of the republic – rum, coconut milk, coffee from here is considered one of the best in the world, so it can be taken as a gift to loved ones.

It is best to travel around the country by taxi. In the Dominican Republic, a standard taxi is allocated, a carro in public, carrying 6 people each and gua-gua, seating up to 13 people and usually riding full.

Features of rest in the regions
Despite the predominance of beach holidays, each resort of the republic has its own characteristics. So, Uvero Alto Macau has a high level of service and a relaxing holiday, ideal for families with children. Juan Dolio is known for the best beaches and recreational activities. Fans of outdoor activities should choose Puerto Plata. For those who wish to arrange a romantic getaway, there is a direct road to La Romana.

It is better to call home from a mobile phone that has a roaming service connected. A call from the hotel will cost you about 3.5 cu per minute, and it’s impossible to get a local SIM card without registration there and other accompanying documents.

Dominican Republic is a country where there are no special prohibitions. You can dress as you like. Although you should not behave too defiantly, so as not to provoke local temperamental men. Topless sunbathing is possible only on the beaches of the hotels.

As souvenirs from the Dominican Republic, you can and should bring coffee, rum, cigars, amber, a Dominican doll and souvenirs with the symbols of a parrot.

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