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Tour to the Dominican Republic

Would you like to enjoy an incendiary Latin American rhythm? Welcome to the Dominican Republic – a country that will not let you get bored even for a second. Even in the midst of the tourist season there are no beaches crowded with tourists. And this is not surprising – the lion’s share of the country is embankments! Embark on a tour to the Dominican Republic and plunge into the unique atmosphere of lightness, eternal rest and heady fun.

Last Minute Vacation Packages to Dominican Republic
Travel company “Come with Us” offers you last-minute tours to the Dominican Republic from Kharkov. An amazing country with an unusual culture and a huge number of attractions fascinates tourists from the first second of their stay. Just imagine how you are lying under the sun on a snow-white beach or relaxing in the shade under a tall palm tree.

Our last-minute tours are a great way to dilute your vacation with new colors. Ancient history, well-developed infrastructure, quality service and delicious food – all this and much more awaits you in the Dominican Republic! And a huge number of souvenir shops and markets will drive anyone who is looking for a souvenir or gift for loved ones crazy – wood products, textiles, food and jewelry – this and much more you can bring with you from your trip.

Capital of Santo Domingo
Spanish language
Area 48 730 km²
The population is 11 million.
When to go to Dominican Republic
Going on a tour to the Dominican Republic from Kharkov, it is important to choose the right season for the trip. After all, the quality of the rest can depend on the weather outside. So, when is it better to go on a tour to the Dominican Republic?

The high season in the Dominican Republic comes when we freeze and watch the snow outside the window. In winter, the weather is as comfortable as possible for walking and swimming. In addition, tourists are offered many activities. Planning a tour in the Dominican Republic in winter? Then you have the opportunity to watch the huge whales that swim to the islands at this time of the year.

Spring is the time of carnivals in many resorts of the country. So, having come to rest in the Dominican Republic this season, you will definitely not be bored. In addition, the country is quite warm and sunny. Please note that the rainy season may begin on the islands from mid-May. Therefore, it is better to fly to the Dominican Republic in March or April. Otherwise, you risk sitting in the room for several days. By the way, if you do not want the showers to take you by surprise, make sure that the hotel has all the interesting entertainment. So, having seen rain outside the window, you can wait for it in the spa, pool or restaurant.

Summer in the Dominican Republic is not only hot, but also quite humid. The entire period here lasts the rainy season. Tropical rains can go for several days without stopping. So be prepared to sit a couple of days at the hotel. By the end of summer, a heavy storm is joining the rain. The best things are at the resorts of Baraone and Monte Cristo – there is practically no rainfall here.

Want to go on a last-minute tour from Kharkov to the Dominican Republic in the fall? Plan your trip to the end of September or October. It is at this time of year that the high season begins on the islands. The country is just perfect weather (not as arid as in the summer, and not as cool as in the middle of winter). At this time of the year, the Dominican Republic is ideal for families with small children – warm air, plenty of sun and a complete lack of rain are excellent conditions for families to relax.

As you can see, the Dominican Republic is a country with a rather capricious climate. Therefore, the choice of the date of travel should be approached with particular care.

Prices for holidays in the Dominican Republic
For tours to the Dominican Republic, the price, of course, is quite high compared to some other destinations. However, it is explained by the variety and quality of services that you receive on vacation. To calculate the cost of last-minute trips to the Dominican Republic, call us right now or leave a request. The price of the trip will depend on:

voucher durations;
Departure dates
Hotel categories
type of food;
number of people.
Today, for example, accommodation in a 4-star hotel with the All Inclusive type of food for 11 nights will cost about 800-1000 dollars for two. While staying in a five-star hotel in a Standard room and the type of food “All Inclusive” for 11 nights will cost about $ 3,000 for two. The cost of living in hotels of this type with children is a little more expensive – about $ 4,000 per family.

Want to save a little? Travel company Let’s go with us offers last-minute tours to the Dominican Republic from Kharkov. Keep a close eye on current offers. When ordering some tickets, you get the opportunity to go on a tour, the cost of which will be 20-30% lower than the original price!

Best Vacations to the Dominican Republic – Come With Us
Want to remember your vacation for a long time? Tired of the usual directions and want to discover such a huge and beautiful world? Travel company Let’s go with us offers a vacation in the sunny and picturesque Dominican Republic.

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