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Bulgaria: beaches, resorts, attractions

In this article we tried to choose for you the most successful and beautiful photographs of those places in Bulgaria where we personally managed to visit. But no matter how good the quality of the camera, it will not be able to convey all the splendor that opens before your eyes when you come to this country.

The selection of images includes: sandy beaches, quiet, and at times exciting the Black Sea, unusual Balkan nature, the most interesting sights and resorts in Bulgaria.

We tried to catch the unforgettable moments of our stay in a country filled with the sun and the smiles of people. We hope you enjoy our idea and appreciate another article about Bulgaria.

For convenience, all the pictures are signed, you just need to move the mouse over the selected frame or open it.

Bulgarian beaches in the photo
In terms of beaches, Bulgaria is a very rich country. In all coastal cities that stretch along the Black Sea, you can find well-developed sandy beaches, convenient descent to the sea and even wild areas.

The rental of sun loungers and umbrellas varies from 6 lv to 8 lv depending on the resort. Spacious tents are also offered, the cost of which will be from 35 levs to 50 levs. As far as we managed to notice, in Bulgaria they prefer to relax on the free (free) part of the beach with their towels and umbrellas (you can buy it literally around the corner for 12 levs). Since the entire coastal zone of the country is state, private beaches are not here.

Enjoy a holiday in Bulgaria and lovers of sunbathing topless or even nude. In almost every resort you can find secluded places. For example, on the outskirts of Pomorie there is a rather large beach where only nudists rest.

The most memorable for us was the beach on the spit. This is a surprisingly clean and beautiful place located between the resorts of Pomorie and Aheloy. There are not many tourists, and the sea water is very clean and warm. Nearby is Pomorie Lake with healing mud and a bird sanctuary, which further adds value to this place.

The Black Sea off the coast of Bulgaria for 14 days of our vacation was mostly quiet, clean and calm. On the only day when there was a storm, a little algae came ashore and the water became cooler, although this did not stop the tourists.

The waters of the Black Sea are not as warm as, for example, the Adriatic and less salty, so swimming in it is more difficult. The water temperature is cool, but quite comfortable for the body.

In the summer, Bulgaria is a bright mixture of clear sea, warm sun, boundless sky, delicious ripe fruits and lots of flowers. Arriving here for the first time, you will forever fall in love not only with its mild climate, but also with the hospitable locals.

To verify all of the above, just look at the photos taken in Bulgaria in the summer:

Each resort in Bulgaria is in its own way beautiful and unique. Here you can not only enjoy the wonderful sea air, plunge into the abyss of the warm Black Sea, but also cure your old ailments and strengthen your soul. Many national parks will cordially open their doors to let into the world of beauty and harmony.

Bulgaria has a mild and pleasant climate, which is ideal for families. Many tourists eventually fall in love with this sunny country so much that they buy real estate here, or even completely move to live.

Memories of warm Bulgaria warm the soul and we would like to share them with you, dear readers in the form of a selection of photos:

If you want to see even more pictures taken at the resorts of Bulgaria, go to our separate article.

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