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Everyone knows about Russky Island, which is within walking distance from Vladivostok. But a little further there are other, no less interesting islands, including the Reineke Island, about which I will tell you today. Why go there and what can you do there?
I got there to help clear this island of plastic, which the sea throws ashore like a volunteer. But he was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the island is quite distinctive and full of interesting activities.

The content of the article:
Reineke Island: how to get there?
What to do on Reynek?
The highest point of the island
Dive for sea urchins
Where to live on Reynek?
There is a bridge to Russky Island on which you can arrive there by car. But there is no bridge to Reinecke Island, and the only way to get to the island is to buy a ticket for a small ferry:

how to get to reynek
It departs from the seaport in Vladivostok, and arrives at the only pier on the island of Reineck. Tickets are inexpensive, but the schedule is not frequent.

Surprisingly, there is much to do here.

Check your debts
There is a very interesting place on the island: red rocks. Firstly, they are actually red and they are of an interesting and bizarre shape from the level of the beach. Secondly, they offer a great view from above:
For example, a view of a sunken ship.
In general, off the coast of the island there are 3 sunken ships, two wooden and one iron:

abandoned ship Vladivostok, Reinick
If desired, all three ships can be sailed and climbed onto them.
Thirdly, it is at the foot of these red rocks that you can safely walk among the underwater mines thrown ashore:

Submarine mine on the island
There are two or three trodden paths to it, so do not get lost. Climbing will take no more than one hour, but the view will be gorgeous. Moreover, the view will be gorgeous both day and night at the starry sky. An island in the middle of the sea, on the island there is one village, if the sky is clear, you will see such a strong starlight that you have not seen anywhere else.
But in the afternoon there is something to see:

And if you look back:

Also beautiful 🙂

It was here that I first tried the caviar of a sea urchin, dived and cut oysters myself, and also for the first time found a starfish at the bottom:
In general, marine fauna is very saturated here, so take snorkeling glasses and a sharp knife with you to get your own food from the bottom of the sea.

Get travel insurance
It’s ideal, of course, to live in tents, if the weather allows. Arrive for the weekend, set up camp here and relax your body and soul:
There are no hotels here as such, but you can be added to someone’s house for a small fee, if you ask about it on the pier.
That’s all.

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