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Tours to Bulgaria

Tours to Bulgaria
Bulgaria has become one of the most popular resorts among Ukrainians. And this is not just that – the mild climate, warm sea and a huge number of attractions attract the attention of both lovers of beach holidays and young active tourists who are looking for adventure. In addition, Bulgaria combines a high level of service and affordable cost of living. Below we will talk about where it is better to go for a vacation in Bulgaria in 2019, and what to look for when choosing last-minute tours.

Tours to Bulgaria from Kharkov
The main advantage of Bulgaria is that you can go here on vacation not only in the warm season. The country is pleased to welcome tourists from all over the world both in the summer and in the winter season. And, if in mid-April and until the end of September, many people prefer to relax in resort towns near the sea, then going on a tour to Bulgaria in winter, you can visit ski resorts.

What to do if a trip to Bulgaria for two is already on hand? Well, it remains to find out where to go and what to see in the country:

Library of Cyril and Methodius. For lovers of books and interesting architecture. The building is located in the center of the capital and has collected several hundred manuscript books under its roof.
Valley of Roses. The flowering of roses begins in late May and lasts until June 20-25. The attraction is located near Stara Planina Mountain.
Fortress Belogradchik. It is located in the Vitebsk region and is a building left from Roman times.
Dragalevsky temple. The ancient monastery, which is located on Vitosha Mountain.
Last minute packages to Bulgaria
Today, many tourists choose mainly last-minute tours to Bulgaria. What is meant by this term? Travel companies sell last-minute trips in case if for some reason the tickets were not sold out. So you can get a discount of 40% or even 50%.

Among the advantages of last-minute trips to Bulgaria, first of all, it is necessary to highlight a cheap and at the same time comfortable rest. The cost of the tour, as a rule, includes:

hotel accommodation;
food (“All inclusive”, breakfast-lunch, breakfast-dinner, breakfast).
Of course, last-minute tours to Bulgaria from Kharkov have their drawbacks. First, you need to prepare for such a trip in just a few days. And this is not always convenient due to work or other plans. Secondly, such tours must be constantly monitored – they are dismantled quite quickly, especially in the beach season.

Capital Sofia
Language Bulgarian
Area 110,993 km²
Population 7 million
The best resorts in Bulgaria 2019
Now let’s see which Bulgarian resorts are the most popular in 2019? If you choose a beach vacation, then be sure to look at these cities:

Golden Sands. The cleanest sandy beaches and clear water with a gentle entrance turned Golden Sands into one of the most popular resorts in Bulgaria. It is suitable for active youth (there are many clubs and bars in the city), and for families traveling with small children (many hotels offer babysitting services and animators). Strange as it may seem, the main feature of Golden Sands is not the sea or the beach, but the mud hospitals and thermal springs, which can have a positive effect on your health.
Sunny Beach. Youth resort with an active nightlife and clean sandy beaches. As the name implies, the resort is considered one of the sunniest in the country – on average, city residents enjoy the sun for about 300 days a year.
Nessebar A unique resort in Bulgaria, which managed to combine picturesque beaches and interesting monuments of history and architecture. Here you get everything: a beach holiday with the cleanest Black Sea and walks in the old European town with its history and culture. Nessebar is pleased to welcome both young people and families with young children. Here everyone will find entertainment to their taste and wallet.
Sozopol. Looking for an option for a secluded holiday in Bulgaria in the summer? Pay attention to the interesting town of Sozopol. It is ideal for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of cities. The old European streets of the resort have unhurried walks and quality relaxation. Many cultural representatives have a rest here: writers, musicians, artists, actors, and a photographer. Fishermen’s houses with red tiles are buried in dense greenery, which is why they become even more picturesque.
In addition to beach vacations and city walks, Sozopol also offers to visit a nature reserve at the mouth of the Ropotamo River.

Sozopol is also a resort for pilgrimage tourism. Not far from the city is the island of St. John, where believers from all over the world gather annually. A small island attracts people with interesting architecture and an ancient monastery.

When is the best time to go to Bulgaria?
If you plan to buy last-minute trips to Bulgaria, it is important to choose the right time for a vacation. The main feature of the country’s climate is the lack of intense heat.

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