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Tours to Greece

Greece is a country that managed to harmoniously combine picturesque landscapes and ancient architecture. It will appeal to both lovers of beach vacations and more active tourists who plan to visit various excursions to attractions and ancient monuments. The company “Let’s go with us” wants to introduce tourists to this wonderful country more closely and offers fascinating tours to Greece from Kharkov.

Trips to Greece from Kharkov
Today, many Ukrainians prefer to go on last minute packages to Greece. The atmosphere of the country is striking in its splendor. The main thing is to decide what kind of vacation you prefer. If you are so tired of routine work and everyday problems, relax and relax on the sandy beach.

If you want to spend your vacation more actively – choose last-minute tours to Greece, which include interesting excursions. The abundance of ancient temples, ancient monasteries, and architectural monuments amaze any tourist. The cradle of civilizations, as Greece is also called in a different way, joyfully welcomes all tourists and gives them stunning emotions and unforgettable impressions.

Capital of Athens
Greek language
Area 131,957 km²
The population is 11 million.
Let’s see which resorts are most popular among tourists:

Many tourists, going on vacation to Greece, choose the resort of Halkidiki. Surrounded by dense coniferous forests, this region will bring peace and tranquility. Tourists are offered a huge selection of hotels, each of which has a high level of service. Halkidiki is suitable for both couples and families with young children. Many hotels and restaurants offer special children’s menus. As for the beaches, Halkidiki has no equal. Soft blue water and sand and pebble beaches are the companions of an ideal holiday on the sea.

The largest island of the country, which is located directly in the south of Greece. Stunning nature with high mountains, dense green forests, gorges, cliffs, white sandy beaches will give an unforgettable vacation experience. You can also stroll through olive groves, visit ancient temples and see ancient statues. Last-minute trips to Greece to Crete are ideal for lovers of outdoor activities – here you can ride a jet ski or surf. Do you like noisy parties? The island of Crete offers tourists a huge number of discos and night parties. Music does not stop here until the morning.

The island is considered the greenest region of the country. Like other areas of Greece, Thassos is surrounded by dense forests and high mountains. Tourists often come here to take a break from the bustle of the city and immerse themselves in relaxation. Please note that there is no direct flight to Thassos. You will have to change trains in Thessaloniki and get here by boat.

In addition to a beach holiday, a fascinating tour to Greece from Kharkov to the island of Thassos, includes an immersion in the atmosphere of antiquity. The old city here is represented by an ancient monastery, museums, monuments, statues and temples. Tours in this direction are relevant both for party-goers and families with young children. A huge number of hotels with quality service (spa treatments, pools, animators, restaurants) will allow you not to worry about anything and just dive headlong into the beauty of the island.

The list of hot tours to Greece necessarily includes the colorful resort of Rhodes. Both beach lovers and those wishing to engage in water sports come to this island. Please note that in the highest season there are quite a lot of people on the beaches. However, it is not necessary to arrive at the height of the season – Rhodes has a mild climate or sunny weather (the sun shows here for more than 300 days during the year).


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