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Self-rest in Java

I arrived on the most populated island of Indonesia – Java in early September by ferry from Sumatra. It was included in the price of a bus to Jakarta. I chose the time to visit Java, as it is hot there all year, but in September at least there is little rainfall. Rains occasionally occur, but in general for all types of recreation the month is ideal. You can swim, sunbathe, dive, climb mountains, walk in national parks, go to museums. I remember exactly once came under heavy rain – while visiting the Botanical Garden in Bogor. I was even glad that during the rain and after it the photos turned out beautiful. Waited for him in one of the garden arbors.

I think that the period from April to November is the best for a vacation in Java precisely because of the least amount of precipitation.

In Java you can spend the night in a tent. Some brave people do this, but I did not experiment. There is also a free overnight stay at meetings with local residents (hospitality sites to help!) And in mosques.

Paid overnight stay is represented by many hotels and guesthouses. I would have a limited budget, anti-crisis, so I chose cheap guesthouses, for example, in the Jalan-Jax district of Jakarta or near the station in Bandung.

So, in Bandung I stayed at the Paradissta hotel near the train station. A room with a toilet and shower costs about 500 rubles (depending on the fluctuation of the ruble and the rupee of Indonesia), the interior is clean and beautiful, the territory is decorated with vases and paintings. There is wifi. Various catering facilities, parks, the city station and the Bank of Java Museum are nearby. I noticed that in the quarter near the station there are at least 20 hotels, guesthouses and hostels. In my opinion, you can’t book anything, somewhere and there are empty seats. I did not book.

In Jakarta, cheap accommodation should be sought in the quarter on the south side of the National Monument (Monas). I managed to live in Tator hotels (a good room from 800 rubles, wifi, air conditioning, breakfast) and Bintang Kejora (from 500 rubles per room, it is simpler). In that area there may be different quality of overnight places, sometimes even bedbugs come across them. I did not come across it myself, but there are complaints from tourists.

In Bogor, you don’t have to spend the night, it’s worth coming for a few hours to visit the botanical garden. It was visited by many famous people, for example, Kim Il Sung, in honor of him even a flower was named.

Java has a huge number of attractions, to visit everything you need to plan a trip for a month. I had less time, so I managed to see this:

There are several museums in Bandung, a mosque with a viewing platform in the minaret and a large zoo. Urban development is so-so. Of the museums, the most unusual is the 1954 Bandung Conference.

Jakarta, like any capital, contains many monuments on various topics, sometimes quite funny, for example, the monument to the liberation of western Papuan. From museums, I went to the large museum complex “Mini-Indonesia.” It was opened in the 1970s.

Partly reminiscent of the Kazakh Atameken, there are represented not only all the historical and cultural regions of Indonesia, from Aceh (the most Muslim in Sumatra) to Irian Jaya, as well as a dozen thematic museums: telecommunications, the army, transport, nature, mail, Islam. Tickets are cheap, from 15 rubles per exposure on average.

Like Bandung, there is a zoo in Jakarta. Over 150 years old, one of the oldest in the world, contains animals from tropical latitudes.

Tickets are very cheap, about 20 rubles for adults, essentially free.

In terms of shopping, Java can be considered the best place in Indonesia. Most local industries are located here, which means that prices for most goods will be the lowest. I did not have enough space in my backpack, I took with me a few packs of tea for 500 rubles. For shopping, go to the hypermarkets Lulu, Lotte, Carrefour and Giant. Of the local products, chocolate is worth noting. In the same Bandung is a huge confectionery factory – the pride of the country!

You can eat in Java in the dining rooms, where prices start at $ 1 per dish. They are often a self-service cafe where 20 pieces are lying, or a cart where the owner prepares some soup and is eaten by people sitting nearby in high chairs.

I ate at the food courts of hypermarkets and in cafes with local cuisine. There prices are higher, from $ 2 per dish. I did not see Russian restaurants, as well as establishments, for example. with Georgian or Central Asian cuisine, but maybe somewhere there is one.

The best food is local fruits. Equatorial latitudes after all! Great choice, low prices. Vegetarians in Java will love it.

According to the results of the trip, I think that the advantages of rest in Java include:

-Low prices for attractions, transportation, food and overnight.

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