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Southern GOA: pros and cons

The southern part of Goa is located below the Zuari River. Here, the population density is much lower than in North Goa. It is in the south that endless beaches, luxury hotels and silence await. The main advantage of local hotels is their location right on the beach, on the first line. In this part of the state there are practically no large shopping centers and restaurants. But South Goa boasts excellent vacations in SPA centers and on the beach.

So, the main pros and cons of South Goa:

1. In this part of the state is much cleaner than in North Goa. Most likely, this is due to the low population density and moderate tourist flow, even in the midst of the beach season. However, from my own experience traveling around the state, I can see that in the southern part, local residents are much more active in burning garbage, especially in the evenings. Wash “fragrant” things after long walks is a troublesome task.

2. The beaches in the south of Goa are more picturesque and more comfortable. This quality can mainly be explained by the fact that the sand on the local beaches is light and fine. In contrast, in North Goa, the sand on the beaches is often large, yellowish-gray, or even volcanic dark. Thanks to the white sand, it seems that the sea water in the south is cleaner and more transparent.

It is also worth noting that, with the exception of Palolem and Colva, the coast in the south is relatively sparsely populated and calm. It is worth a walk from the main entrance to the beach a hundred meters – and privacy is ensured for the tourist!

I want to make one reservation not in favor of the beaches in South Goa. This is a Zouari fertilizer plant located near Welsao. The feeling of proximity to this unpleasant plant is enhanced by its smoking chimneys, which can be seen even in Manjore.

3. The contingent of tourists. In South Goa, most tourists are foreigners, from informal youth to the elderly. So, during the trip, I noticed that on the coast from Velaso to Mobor, mostly people aged from Great Britain, France and Germany had a rest. On the beaches of Colva the largest number of local residents, but in Agonda, Putnem and Palolem there is an incredibly motley informal audience from European countries.

4. Atmosphere in South Goa. For many newcomers, this factor will seem insignificant, but nevertheless, for a certain category of travelers, the atmosphere in the place of recreation and entertainment is almost the decisive reason for choosing one or another resort. So in the south of Goa there is no that unique specific atmosphere prevailing in the north. The beaches, hotels and even villages seemed to me to be too much polished, a bit simulated and artificial, even by local standards. There is no “highlight” for which they come to India. The most colorful were Palolem and Agonda.

5. South Goa is a relaxing holiday. For many travelers, the concept of “calm” in Goa is synonymous with “boring”. And this is actually so. Here, even at the peak of the high season, there are no discos and all kinds of parties, with the exception of a few entertainment nightclubs in Palolem. Perhaps this feature is due to the specifics of tourists who prefer to spend the winter here. Of course, in North Goa I also found secluded places for a measured beach holiday, but the south of the state is much more suitable for this.

6. Moving and modes of transport. Here you can recall one remarkable, in my opinion, feature of South Goa: the incredible popularity of bike rental. Many more people ride bicycles in this part of the state than motorbikes. In general, traffic in South Goa is not as active as in North Goa. Unlike motorbikes, bicycles can ride along the beach.

7. Southern Goa is twice as large as Northern. Accordingly, the coastline of the southern part of the state is almost 62 kilometers.

8. Nature in the south of Goa seems more juicy and magnificent due to the marshland in the area. Here the humidity is higher than in the north. The coastline is formed by the picturesque mountains of the Western Ghats, which approach the sea itself. Even monkeys live much more here than in the north!

9. Features of the kitchen. There are no special differences between the cost of food in restaurants in South and North Goa. However, in the south there is a shortage of freshly squeezed juices, only 3-4 standard juices on the menu of most restaurants.

10. Tourism infrastructure of South Goa is slightly less than Northern. Of course, there is no shortage of small shops, they are found in any village, but many get bored with large shopping centers.

Choosing South or North Goa is an occasion for lengthy discussions between travelers. However, along with the real strengths and weaknesses of South Goa, a lot of myths can be heard about this part of the state!

The most common myth is that holidays in the south are more expensive than in the north. This is completely untrue, since housing prices in Goa are on average the same. Perhaps the myth arose with the easy supply of dozens of travel agencies organizing package tours.

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