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List of optional excursions
Meteors are breathtaking monasteries built on high cliffs. Scientists believe that these stone pillars were formed about 60 million years ago! There are 6 Greek Orthodox monasteries (2 female and…

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Calm Dead Sea Vacations
My husband and I decided to celebrate the tenth anniversary of our married life unusually. Despite the fact that together we visited many seas and even two oceans, it was…

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The amazing sea of Abkhazia
Abkhazia is located between the large mountain range of the Caucasus and the Black Sea. Despite its small size, the country has an impressive coastline. More than 200 kilometers of…

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Youth holidays in Tenerife

From European countries for winter recreation is not just something to choose if it is not a ski resort. But if you want to swim, the only right choice that occurred to us was the Canary Islands. In January, we flew with friends to Tenerife.

Our habitat was the southern resort of the island – Playa de Las Americas. I recommend it for youth recreation – noisy, party, night life does not subside until the morning. What we needed. And if you are traveling with children, it is better to give preference to Costa Adeje (resorts are nearby).

They feared the weather at this time, but did not regret it – the winter months of January and February are a good time to relax in the southern part of Tenerife. The air temperature in the daytime was in the region of 21-22 C, at night – 17-18 C (so it is better to take warm clothes for night walks), and the water in the ocean warmed up to 20-21 C. Continue reading

Unforgettable summer vacation in Costa Brava

My acquaintance with Spain began with the Costa Brava resort, where my husband and I went on a honeymoon in June 2016. When buying a tour, we were warned that the weather could be unpredictable, but I did not expect that in addition to a beach holiday, you can have such a good time in early summer. The price of the tour was quite affordable, given that this was the beginning of the season and we bought a ticket “last minute”.

If we talk about the weather – it was not quite summer, especially in the evenings it was cool. But in the afternoon it was quite possible to sunbathe and even swim. The bathing problem could be solved simply – the hotel had a cool pool, but the windy weather made adjustments to our plans. From my own experience I can say that if you want a full beach holiday, it is better to shift your vacation by a couple of weeks, when the water warms up better. But we swam, although I love warm water, and on the beach, vacationers did not crawl out of the water. Continue reading

Family holidays in Gran Canaria

This was not the first time we went to Gran Canaria; we were on the island in spring, and on New Year’s, and in autumn. In my opinion, the ideal time to travel with children is from mid-September to almost the end of November. At this time there is no strong heat, storms and the ocean is noticeably warmer. It was hot in June, but we still had a great rest. Both in the pool and in the ocean, children were bathed before lunch and after 6 pm. June is good for surfers – often there was a good wind and decent waves.

Most resort towns are located on the south side of the island. If you want to settle closer to the best beach of the island – the dunes of Maspalomas, then you should stay in one of the hotels in this part of the island. Of the areas near the coast I least like San Augustin – there is an old dense building, and the lack of greenery is compensated by green youth, who sometimes relax too loudly and cheerfully. Continue reading

Holidays with children in Tenerife

This was not our first trip to Tenerife, but this year we were surprisingly unlucky with the weather. We were on the island in the first half of July, there were no completely sunny days, the sea was not too hospitable, it often rained. Basically, the picture outside the window was like this:

We stayed at the Sandos San Blas Nature Resort & Golf 5 * hotel near the town of Los Abrigos. The hotel is not ready to praise or scold much, but the well-heated pools were a big plus, thanks to which our vacation did not go completely without swimming. In terms of accessibility to beaches, this location is only suitable for those who, like us, rent a car. The popular Los Cristianos and Las Americas can be reached quickly by the hotel shuttle, but without a car it would still be inconvenient. Continue reading

Indonesia. Bali Month

After a trip to the island of Sumatra, during which we proceeded along and across all volcanoes and jungles, a spontaneously rational decision was made to settle in Bali for about a month.

Indonesia is an amazing place, and life on each of the islands is so different that you would think that you had already managed to move to a neighboring country. For example, Sumatra is the largest of the Indonesian islands, so hitchhiking and local buses was not only terribly interesting, but sometimes terribly difficult.

It is worth saying a few words about religion: since Islam prevails in the country, certain rules will have to be observed. It is better to forget about shorts, open T-shirts and other bare body parts, so, ladies, with bathing suits, everything is serious here – not right, sir. However, there is a way out of the situation – Bali, which we chose to relax. Continue reading

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