The most romantic places to travel

Features of rest in the Dominican Republic
Do you remember the Bounty ad? Sandy beach with white hot sand, perfectly clear water, palm trees. All this is an accurate reflection of the landscapes of the Dominican Republic.…

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February holiday in sunny Goa
We arranged a bachelorette party with a friend and went to conquer the Russian corner in Indian Goa - we flew to Morjim. I decided to write, while my impressions…

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On vacation to Abkhazia with children
Children of any age perceive traveling to interesting places with great joy and optimism. Very young people will remember the warm sea and the beach, for older children, the study…

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Holidays in Larnaca in September alone

Tour trip stood out as the most “burning”. On Friday at eleven in the evening the tour package was confirmed, and on Saturday at four in the afternoon I went to the island of Aphrodite.

Cyprus met me with an evening stuffiness and a gentle breeze. I drove alone and was going to devote my vacation to the excursion program. Which in the end did. This was facilitated by the extremely unfortunate location of the hotel. But, given the “burning” timelines, I had no choice – I went to where there were places. The hotel was located between Larnaca and the tourist zone, on Dekelia Road. Nearby is one store, one cafe, another hotel and … everything, perhaps. The beach is across the highway. Here the beach, in comparison with the rest of the Larnaca coastline, is better – bulk pebbles. On all coast in these places – silt, clay. The beach can be said to be wild. There is no tourism infrastructure. There are even no sunbeds with umbrellas. But just from this I didn’t suffer much – I managed with a towel. Continue reading

A vacation for two in Larnaca at the beginning of the season

After seeing the weather forecast in Cyprus at the end of May, we decided that it was time to go on vacation! The sea was quite warm (about 24 degrees), and due to the fact that it is shallow in Larnaca, the water near the shore was like fresh milk. During the day the air warmed up to 35 degrees, but the nights were pretty cool, so they did not use air conditioning in the room.

Since it is quite expensive to eat in Cyprus, we chose the all-inclusive system, fortunately, at the beginning of the season the prices are very pleasant. We lived at the Crown Resorts Henipa 3+ * hotel, seven kilometers from the center of Larnaca. The rooms are modest and in need of repair, but a large green area, excellent food and high-quality alcohol in the bar compensate for all other shortcomings. The sea is across the road, the beach is pebble, but a meter after entering the water, sand begins. There is nowhere to go especially in the evening, so we went for a walk in Larnaca or Ayia Napa (1.5 euros one way on a city bus). In Ayia Napa it is noisy and fun, in Larnaca it is much calmer. Continue reading

Relaxed holiday in Ayia Napa

Specially waited for October for a trip to Cyprus. This is an ideal month, especially at the beginning. The weather and the sea will definitely please you. In addition, the flow of tourists is significantly reduced. And by the end of October, and therefore by the end of the season, prices in shops and even in bars are reduced.

This year we chose Ayia Napa. We traveled together, one child 12 years old and two adults.

Hotel Christofinia 4 *, is located in 5 minutes proximity to the famous beaches of Nissi and Nissi Bay Beach. On the sides there are also other, calmer beaches and lagoons, for every taste! Continue reading

On the way to the three peaks or a visit to Belluno

Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Dry Cinnen (Italian: Tre Cime di Lavaredo, German Drei Zinnen, letters. “Three prongs, three peaks”) – a mountain range in the Sesten Dolomites. Until 1919, Tre Cime di Lavaredo served as part of the natural border between Austria and Italy, and today they divide the province of South Tyrol of the Bolzano region and the province of Belluno of the Veneto region and still serve as a “linguistic” border between German and Italian-speaking ethnic groups.

The highest point of the massif is Chima Grande (Grosse Zinne) with a height of 2999 m. (Cima Grande Italian / Grose Zinne, German). It is located between two other main peaks – Chima-Ovest (Westlichen-Zinne) (German: Westlichen Zinne, Italian. Cima Ovest, 2973 BC) and Chima-Piccol (Kleinen-Zinne) (German. Kleinen Zinne, Italian: Cima Piccola, 2857 m.s.). In addition to these noticeable stone columns, smaller peaks with their own names are distinguished in the massif, among them Punta di Frida (Italian: Punta di Frida, 2,792 m.s.) and Torre-Prois (German: Preusturm (former. German Kleinste Zinne), Chima-Piccolissima (Italian: Cima Piccolissima), 2700 nm Continue reading

Unforgettable holidays in Como

Lombardy is one of the most beautiful regions of Italy, which is why thousands of tourists come here every year, regardless of the time of year. I rested in Como in April and did not even expect how much I would love this picturesque and cozy town. This resort is very famous, because in the city by the lake with the same name there are many very popular tourist sites, and the town itself is very beautiful.

Getting to Como is pretty straightforward – a comfortable electric train regularly comes here from Milan, and on the road it takes a little more than 4 hours. Tickets, by the way, can be bought by any tourist, since their cost is up to 10 euros. You can move around the city by public transport, and tickets can be bought at any station, in a tobacco shop or newspaper shop. By the way, if you plan to see the sights, and not just take a walk by the lake, it is better to buy a pass for 1 day, so it will be much more profitable. Continue reading

Our paradise vacation with family in Cuba
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Relaxed holiday in Ayia Napa
Specially waited for October for a trip to Cyprus. This is an ideal month, especially at the beginning. The weather and the sea will definitely please you. In addition, the…